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turbo® PreCleaners

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Turbo PreCleaners are designed to spin up to 90% of the contaminants out of the air before they reach the air filter to improve filter life. They extend engine longevity, reduce equipment downtime and improve labor efficiencies.

Our precleaners utilize a straight through flow path, meaning that the dirty air entering into the top simply flows straight into our guide vanes and the rotor chamber where centrifugal  forces help to drive upwards of 85% of the contaminants outward where they fall harmlessly through the discharge slots. Only clean air then flows out the discharge into your machine.  

Competitors typically use “reverse axial” designs, meaning that the air enters the bottom of the precleaner, where it then must make a U-turn, adding restriction and robbing your engine of additional power. This makes them more restrictive, which means your filters don’t last as long. Also we have some of the most efficient designs available today.   

Last, we independently test each model using a highly acclaimed outside source, to industry SAE  J726 standards – we stand behind our performance data.

The Turbo® Precleaner pays for itself almost immediately while it protects your engine and machine from extreme environments like those foundin construction, mining, logging, cement, recycling, waste, agricultural and similar industrial/commercial applications.

Before picking up a new product EcoPro conducts a full analysis of the product line. Typically we use 25 different criteria to thoroughly evaluate product lines. Through diligent analysis of other precleaners on the market, we found that the turbo® PreCleaner has the highest efficiency rating, the lowest restriction, and the lowest maintenance with the strongest warranty. Our goal is to promote the BEST product(s) available to our clients. We also go through great lengths to make sure the products we sell are safe and durable enough for our customers.

What sets turbo® PreCleaners apart from other precleaner brands is a straight-through airflow pathway which creates less air intake restriction to optimize engine power. Engineered paddles create centrifugal force which ejects up to 85 percent of contaminants through discharge ports. This unique design effectively removes airborne debris such as dust, dirt and moisture, including particles as small as one to two microns, ultimately allowing only filtered air into the engine for maximum performance.

The turbo® PreCleaner will not harm any part of your engine nor will it void engine warranties when sized and used properly. Engine owners are protected by the Magnuson-Moss ACT. This Warranty ACT passed by congress protects the consumer, which in this case is anyone purchasing an engine, by prohibiting engine manufacturers from voiding warranties simply because it has been outfitted with an aftermarket product. With tens-of-millions of hours and perhaps billions of miles of runtime, air filter PreCleaners have proven to not harm engines.

Every machine and operation is slightly different. However, air filters last 3-10 times longer on most applications. We’ve even seen some filters last 18 times longer after installing turbo® PreCleaners.

Every machine and operation is slightly different. However, air filters last 3-10 times longer on most applications. We’ve even seen some filters last 18 times longer after installing turbo® PreCleaners.

An air-filter precleaner is a system that is directly before the air filter designed to remove a portion of the contaminants before they enter the filter housing.  There are a number of benefits of using an air-filter precleaner such as increased filter life, reduced contaminants in the engine, reduced engine wear, and improved engine longevity. 

YES – there basically 3 different categories are dust bowls, aspirators and atmospheric dust ejectors.  The most beneficial to your equipment, your operations and your cash flow is the atmospheric dust ejectors.  These utilize specially designed centrifugal paddles that eject a large percentage of contaminants out of the air before it enters your filter housing. 

These precleaners are the most efficient, have the least amount of restriction, require very minimal maintenance, do not utilize the scavenge system that can catch fire, and have the best impact on your bottom line.

Turbo PreCleaners are among the lowest priced precleaners available.

There are 4 different models – Turbo II, turbo III, PowerRam and Flex-n-Line.

turbo® PreCleaners are easy to size and easy to install.  When sizing your PreCleaner, you’ll need to determine your CFM and the inlet diameter of the air filter inlet tube.  With those 2 things, you can easily determine which turbo® PreCleaner is the best fit for your application.  To determine your CFM, you’ll need to know the engines displacement, the max rpms, and if it is turbo charged or not.  With those 3 items, you can determine the max CFM, which will dictate the PreCleaner size needed.


Many times, installation is as simple as removing the clamp that holds the raincap assembly in place and installing the TURBO PreCleaner in its place.  Make sure to follow installation instructions and use adapters, risers, valuator plugs and/or aspirator plugs when needed.  For more information on sizing and installing the turbo® PreCleaners properly, contact us – we’re here to help.


These installations are in every kind of machine imaginable, mining, construction, waste, forestry, ag, etc. and in every country/environment in the world, from Russia to China to Africa, Australia and US, Canada and all of South America.  turbo® PreCleaners, when properly sized and used, are approved for use on all Equipment.  

There is no regularly scheduled routine maintenance required with turbo® PreCleaners. Occasionally, based on your operations, you many need to clean it off if debris is starting to accumulate, but there is no regular maintenance required.