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MicronMaxx™: High-Capacity Oil Bypass Micro Filtration Systems

Introducing MicronMaxx™, the cutting-edge oil bypass micro filtration system exclusively available from EcoPro. With its exceptional filtration capability down to 2 micron absolute, MicronMaxx™ extends the useful life of engine oil and increases the lifespan of components, resulting in significant cost savings (cha-ching!).

How Well Does MM15 Filter Clean Engine Oil?

Contamination Control Test Results:

Scope: To compare clean/fresh engine oil against engine oil after 12,000 miles using the MM15 Advanced Filtration System. The standardized ISO4406 test was conducted to measure particle counts in the engine oil.

Conclusion: Engine oil after 12,000 miles of use has fewer particles than fresh clean oil when using the MM15 Advanced Filtration System.

Customer: AAAAAAGWWD Contact: AAAAAAJ. BAEZ Asset #35 Unit: Freightliner FLD120 Engine: Cummins N14

Particle Counts (extracted from oil sample):

  • Fresh Clean Oil:
  • Used Oil at 10,000 miles with HEPO:

Engine oil is 155 times cleaner with HEPO than fresh-clean oil.

  • 19,906 / 128 = 155 times cleaner at 4 microns or larger. OR The oil has 99.99357% fewer contaminants.

Fewer Particles = Less Wear (99% Less Wear)

Note: The customer is in the process of extending oil drains to 30,000 miles (or triple their current cycle) utilizing the MM15 Advanced Filtration System to keep the oil clean. MM15 is safe for all equipment.

Impressive Features of MicronMaxx™:

  1. Improved Engine Wear: Removes 99.6% of harmful contaminants, including water, while retaining additives, detergents, and other essential properties of oils. With fewer particles, engine wear is reduced by 99%, resulting in increased component life and extended engine longevity.
  2. Extended Oil Drain Intervals: With the superior filtration capabilities of MicronMaxx™, oil drains can be safely tripled, allowing for increased equipment availability and significant cost savings.
  3. Labor Optimization: By eliminating the need for frequent oil changes, MicronMaxx™ frees up labor hours, enabling your workforce to focus on more meaningful tasks and increasing overall productivity.
  4. PR Opportunities: By implementing MicronMaxx™, you demonstrate improved sustainability and contribute to a "green" fleet, enhancing your public image and reputation.
  5. Positive Cash Flow: With its low capital cost, easy installation, and lifetime warranty, MicronMaxx™ ensures a quick payback period of less than one year, resulting in long-term cost savings.

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