LED HD Lights

Exceptional solutions for the fleet. All products are Tested, Proven, and Validated.

LED Spot/Flood Lights

The 126 Watt lights simultaneously provide a flood light and a spot light to insure full visibility

“Literally like going from night to day!”

-Site Ops Mgr One day after retrofitting old CAT halogens with EcoPro’s custom LEDs.

Easy Upgrade: from Halogens to LEDs


  • Simple and easy retrofitting
    • Compatible with almost all OEM lights
  • Heavy Duty Steel Bracket
    • Steel bracket with grade 8 mounting hardware
  • Deutsch DT Connectors
    • Professionally installed and reliable Duetsch connectors
  • Strong against the environments, no matter the work
    • Waterproof IP68
    • Vibration proof NEMA 6P