Kalb Heat Blocker

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Experience unparalleled thermal protection with HeatBlocker Ultra Premium insulation, engineered to repel fluids

Personnel Protection

Mechanics and operators can be shielded from the burns and injuries that occur when accidentally contacting superheated exhaust components.

Reduce "Thermal Events"

Drastically reduce the amount of radiated heat in engine compartment protecting wiring harnesses, hoses, and other heat sensitive components.

Landfill Compactors and Other Landfill Equipment


Prevent Engine Fires and Ensure Equipment Safety with HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation

Operating heavy-duty diesel equipment in landfill environments poses unique challenges, especially when dealing with highly combustible debris. The risk of engine fires caused by the intense heat of the exhaust system is a constant concern. Kalb Corporation's HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation system has been the trusted solution for over 20 years, effectively preventing fires and improving equipment performance in landfill applications.

Unrivaled Protection and Durability

Our custom insulation covers are meticulously designed to meet customer specifications and adhere to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Featuring insulated seams and high-temperature EdgeGuard edge fabric, HeatBlocker covers provide exceptional heat resistance and durability. They securely attach to crucial exhaust system components like manifolds, turbos, and exhaust tubing using stainless steel spring closures. By significantly reducing the heat available for combustion, our insulation system minimizes the risk of engine fires, ensuring the safety of personnel and preventing deterioration of nearby engine components.

Enhance Efficiency and Safety

Landfill compactors, graders, bulldozers, and excavators operate within a swirl of combustible debris, making engine fires a constant threat. By installing HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation, you can effectively manage this risk and improve the overall efficiency and safety of your landfill equipment. Our insulation system retains the required heat for diesel exhaust after-treatment, prevents burn-related personnel safety issues, and halts the deterioration of nearby engine components. With HeatBlocker, you can confidently protect your equipment investment and ensure smooth operations in even the most demanding landfill environments.

Collection Trucks for the Waste Industry

Safeguard Your Waste Collection Fleet and Improve Driver Comfort with HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation

The waste industry, both public and private, is continually striving to enhance safety and efficiency in refuse collection operations. Compressed natural gas (CNG) has emerged as a popular alternative fuel, offering numerous benefits such as reduced emissions and lower operating costs. However, CNG-powered engines come with higher exhaust temperatures, posing potential dangers if not properly managed. Kalb Corporation's HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation system provides the ideal solution for reducing the risk of debris catching fire on CNG refuse collection trucks while improving overall performance.



Unparalleled Protection and Temperature Management

Our HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation system is specifically designed to address the unique challenges associated with CNG-powered engines. By insulating the exhaust system, we significantly reduce the likelihood of debris igniting on the hot surface, minimizing the risk of costly truck fires. Additionally, containing the heat within the exhaust system reduces heat stress on sensitive engine components located nearby, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance.

Enhanced Safety and Driver Comfort

The waste collection industry is inherently dangerous, and HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation systems play a crucial role in improving safety and driver comfort. By effectively managing heat and keeping the exhaust heat out of the cab, our insulation system reduces the risk of personnel injuries and improves driver comfort during operation. Furthermore, HeatBlocker protects engine components like wiring harnesses from failure due to excessive heat exposure, contributing to the overall reliability and longevity of your waste collection fleet.

Keep Your Trucks Running and Ensure Personnel Safety

Truck fires cost the waste industry millions of dollars annually, with many resulting from debris resting on the hot exhaust system. With HeatBlocker Performance Exhaust Insulation, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of engine fires while increasing personnel safety and driver comfort. With a proven track record of thousands of hours of effective service, HeatBlocker is the trusted solution to protect your trucks, improve operational efficiency, and keep your fleet on the road, serving you reliably day after day.