Desiccant Breathers

Exceptional solutions for the fleet. All products are Tested, Proven, and Validated.

ideal applications fuel tanks

Desiccant Breathers


Reduces particulate and moisture contamination with your fluids and equipment


For Diesel Storage Tanks

The only approved Diesel Storage Desiccant Breather

For Lubricant Storage Tanks

Fully disposable, long lasting breathers

For Lube Trucks

Low profile and sleek design

Color Changing Silica goes from orange to dark green to indicate when a replacement is needed


Desiccant Breathers are your first line of defense against contamination. Engineered to keeping lubricants, diesel fuel, and storage tanks free of water and contamination

  • High Capacity moisture removal
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Compound indicating gauge
  • Isolation check valve
  • Drum adapter kits allow breathers to be installed on any drum or storage tank
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Adapter kit lets breathers be installed on any hydraulic fuel tank or reservoir
  • Gearbox adapter kit allows breathers to be installed on any gearbox
  • Domed flange adapter provides a lot profile and rugged way to mount a desiccant breather
  • Splash adapters are ideal for applications where splashing fluid can exit the reservoir and hit the bottom of a desiccant breather

Desiccant Breathers sold individually and in packs

Starter Kits

DBSK01- Diesel Storage Tank and 3x Lube Tanks

DBSK02- Diesel Storage Tank and 4x Lube Tanks

DBSK03- Diesel Storage Tank, 3x Lube Tanks, 3x Mobile Lube

DBSK04- Diesel Storage Tank, 4x Lube Tanks, 4x Mobile Lube